Host Institutions Responsibilities

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IMA-Space, Equipment, and other requirements


Space for 65 players, and percussion. Chairs-65 Stands-60 (56 minimum)


Rehearsal Space for 20 players, and rhythm section. Chairs-20

  • Total Chairs-163 Stands-18
  • Total Stands-93 (90)


Rehearsal Space for 20 players Chairs-18-20 Stands-14


Space for 60 vocalists Chairs-60 Stands-2

Other Space Requirements

Concert Hall with appropriate stage and wing space and seating (350 plus)

Room for IMA board meeting (WiFi, Projector, Projector Screen, Speakers, etc.)

Room for IMA Senators meeting (formerly Delegates at Large)

Common area for informal gathering

Other Requirements

Percussion instruments; TBD once literature is selected

4 stage hands for final concert, pre and post and 2 stage hands for student recital, pre and post and 1 student assistant for each ensemble and Senate session

Conductor Podium

P.A. system and operator for welcome session- Thurs. – 11:00-12:30

P.A. system and operator for Fri. student recital – 6:30-8:30 p.m

P.A. system operator for final concert for Sat. afternoon- 12:00-5 p.m.


Get admin. approval to host conference and budget approval with timelines and communicate to IMA President.

Identify and secure hotel contract and forward to IMA treasurer

Lunch cost per IMA student and forward to Treasurer

Parking designation for buses, vans, and parking passes

Communicate hotel info. to schools with timelines

Secure ensemble personnel rosters with timelines

Recital participants

Emergency copy assistance availability

Staff available to insure accessibility to all spaces used by IMA throughout the conference at least 15 min. prior to each session

Budget Items

Providing opening day brunch hospitality

Program design and production

2/3 workshops for Fri. morning

Tune piano for rehearsals and recital

Student reception on Fri. night

Faculty reception on Fri. night