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Recital Guidelines

Colleagues, in order to ensure a quality, timely and professional presentation of the Student Recital presented at the Intercollegiate Music Association Conference the following guidelines are established:

  1. Each participating institution can present up to five (5) minutes worth of solo literature. This can be achieved either through a single presentation or if time permits, a multiple presentation. Subsequently, we will adhere to time limitations.

2.   Each presentation shall be limited to music considered “standard” repertoire.
We will not permit music from popular idioms for performance on this recital.
Each institution should ensure that the presentations meet the repertoire and time limitations.

  1. All performers should perform in a suit and tie for men and dresses, business suits for women for the formal presentation.

Since the host institution must print up the program in a timely manner, each institution should forward the name of the performers and the titles of the works performed to the Recital Coordinator no later than February 1. This request should include requests for an accompanist, and include program notes (composers correct spelling/dates, movement from multi-movement works, selections from operatic or oratorical works etc.).  Upon the proofing and formatting of the program, the host institution will then receive and print the program by their requested date.

  1. Once the host institution has received the program for final printing, there will be no last minute additions/changes to the program. If a program change is necessary after the program submission deadline, it should be in writing and submitted to the recital coordinator ten (10) working days before the conference.

In case an institution submits a multiple performance and the recital period appears to be over the limit, that institution will receive notification of the dropped participant from the program.

We are hopeful that each institution will send their best performers to participate on this “honors” recital. Please specify that an accompanist is necessary and forward a copy of the music so that an accompanist will have time to learn music. The I.M.A. program will list rehearsal times for recitalists.